Interculturality and Communication: a challenge for religious life

Multimedia International and UISG held a 2-day seminar on Interculturality & Communication: A challenge for religious life

Photos of the Seminar

Themes: Building effective intercultural communication, Technology of Communication and Information, and Intercultural Communication

The speaker was Diana de Vallescar P., PhD

Listen the interview with her in English

Listen the interview with her in Spanish

“It is important to remember that our idea of the human being is the result of a simplified and reductive paradigm, one that divides and separates, instead of connecting and communicating. Consequently, it is very difficult to conceive and understand that “one” can be single and multiple at the same time. However, initially this way of thinking tends to work by separating what is joined (dis-union), or to unify the different and dispersed parts (reduction).

The challenge to, as well as the wealth of, contemporary societies consists in how to learn to recognize and manage diversity (Wolton, 2003; Ainscow, 2011: 2006).”

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Prof. de Vallescar, has dedicated more than 15 years to intercultural training and counseling.
She is a professor at Oporto Global University, Portugal where she teaches Intercultural Education, Gender and Education, Technologies and Educational Communication, Evaluation of Community Projects etc.
She is also a researcher at CIAC, Polo de la Universidad Abierta, Lisbon and is the author of 6 books and more than 70 publications.