UISG Delegates 2016The UISG has the following structures of organization (Statutes, art. 4):

Constellations: in order to facilitate communication, exchange and mutual support, the Superiors General are gathered in Constellations where, in every continent, they incarnate the aim and mision of the Union.

Plenary Assembly: is the body for consultation, animation and reflection at an international level; it is open to all those whe are members of the Union. The President convokes the Plenary Assembly every three years.

Council of Delegates: is a body of discernment, deliberation, decision and action. It is composed of the members of the Executive Board and the Delegates elected in and by the Constellations.

Executive Boardis the body responsible for ordinary decisions of the Union adn for the implementation of resolutions and orientations of the Council of Delegates. It is composed by the President and seven Board Members elected by the Council of Delegates.

Financial Committee: its members are appointed by the Executive Board

Executive Secretary: the Executive Board appoints the Executive Secretary. She participates in all meetings of the Board. Her mandate is for three years.

Patricia MurrayThe current Executive Secretary is Sr. Patricia Murray, ibvm