Gender Equality

In order to celebrate the 105th Anniversary of International Women’s day the Australian Embassy to the Holy See held a gathering at the Residence of the Ambassador to discuss the “Elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls – Towards the sustainable development goal of Gender equality and Empowerment”. Those invited included female members of Embassies to the Holy See and religious who belong to the Australian and New Zealand (ANZAC) social group who meet regularly in Rome.

The gathering began with a presentation from three speakers – firstly, Tanya Bennet, Australia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva who outlined her role and that of the Australian Government especially in the Pacific Region with regard to promoting gender equality. The second speaker was Marina Liebsch who is the Advocacy Director for Caritas Internationalis, the global confederation pf 164 Caritas organisations. The final speaker who addressed the group via Skype from Florida was Jane Adolph an expert in Human Rights who works for the Secretary of State of the Holy See. She described the role of the Holy See in promoting gender equality.

After a brief period for questions and comments a buffet meal was served and the discussion continued informally.

Sr. Maryanne Harford – Marist Sisters

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