Delegates 2017

I am pleased to convoke the meeting of the Council of Delegates of the International Union of Superiors General that will take place in the Philippines, at Villa Consuelo Retreat House in Novaliches, Caloocan, Manila, from November 5-11, 2017.

The theme and focus of the meeting is: Building Community in an Intercultural World.

I would like to remind you that the Council of Delegates is composed of the members of the Board of Directors of UISG and of the Delegates elected by the Constellations. It is responsible for the governance of the Union and is at the service of communion.

The UISG Statutes and Directives define the tasks of the Council of Delegates held between Plenary Assemblies as follows: “The Council of Delegates has particular responsibility for the ongoing dynamism of the Union. Through the presence of Delegates representing the Constellations in every continent, it reflects the richness and diversity of apostolic religious life throughout the world. The Council of Delegates, held between Plenary Assemblies, listens to the reality of each continent, noting the developments in religious life and the questions of particular concern. In the light of this information, the Council of Delegates proposes orientations” (UISG Directives, VIII).

The UISG Strategic Plan also offers the framework to implement the decisions of the Council of Delegates.

I encourage you all to participate in this important meeting of the Council of Delegates and we look forward to meeting you. We pray that these days together will be an enriching experience for each of us as we continue to reflect on what Gospel leadership is for each of us today.

Let us support one another in prayer, asking the Spirit to guide us in the service to our Sisters and to those with whom we minister.

With peace and blessings,

Sr Carmen Sammut msola
UISG President