Women Religious inside the Church

Patricia MurrayInterview to Sr. Patricia Murray, ibvm, UISG Secretary: “Our slogan should be “never do alone what we can do together.” We have a vast global network which can be mobilized to create a culture of love and compassion, in order to tackle indifference and exclusion. Women religious can serve the church at every level, from the Vatican Dicasteries to the most remote jungle areas.”

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2 thoughts on “Women Religious inside the Church

  1.   Sister Margie Silguero says:

    So Proud of you our Congregational Leaders! God bless and send his Spirit on each one of you.
    Sister Margie from Marfa, Texas

    •   Ufficio Comunicazioni says:

      Thank you very much sister Margie… We are in the middle of our #UISGPlenary, it is really a beautiful and enriching Meeting of Women Religious.. You can read the talks in this website and also some comments..

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