UISG German group invitation

UISG German group invitation

Invitation to dance

The afternoons where we meet to dance – which started last year – will continue also in the year 2018. For dancing language is no barrier.

Therefore we invite the German and English speaking sisters in Rome to come.

Until the summer break there are three afternoons.

Place: Congregatio Jesu (Casa Generalizia)
Via Nomentana 250, Rome

Thursday 1 February 2018
Thursday 1 March 2018
Thursday 5 April 2018
from 15:30 until 17:00
Registration not required If you know another sister who would like to join, please invite her to come. If you would like to contribute a dance, please do so and bring the music on CD.

Looking forward to see you,
on behalf of the preparatory group: M. Elisabeth Kampe CJ

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