Communicating the Mission

Communicating the Mission (download the brochure)
Formation 2017- 2018 in English and Italian

The human person embodies communication; in his/her body and in his/her various forms of expression. Today, because of the many relationships that each person manages, one can define

the person as a living social network.

Because of the key role that communication plays in our society, the religious world needs to prepare consciously and appropriately to live in digital space, learning how to “communicate the mission” in order to reach its target audience.

This program is aimed primarily at those working specifically in the field of communication.

The courses we offer will help participants understand what communication means today and how to use it for mission. We will open up different perspectives in order to learn how to manage digital spaces effectively and make them places of deep communion, both for individual and institutional communication.

COMMUNICATING THE MISSION IN THE DIGITAL SPACE – Basic Communication Course for Consecrated Life – 27/28 October 2017: click here

SOCIAL NETWORKS and  CAMPAIGNING for MISSION – Basic and advanced course on social networks and design of a communication campaign for the mission – 24/25 November 2017: click here

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