The new website of the UISG: the challenge of communication

New UISG websiteToday we launch the new website of the ​​International Union of Superiors General – – in six languages. This website is the space where the 1860 Superiors General, members of the UISG, can access to updated information, to the latest news and to the various documents of the Union.

The website reflects a wider communication project that is being developed as a response to the objectives of the UISG Strategic Plan for the years 2015-2020.  The Strategic Plan aims to “have a functioning and effective communication system, both internally and externally”.” Some social networks, in particular Facebook and Twitter, but also the Newsletter and the quarterly UISG Bulletin will support the web site.

The company Vinci & Partners announces the realization of our website with the following words: “The Vinci & Partners is pleased to present the new website of the UISG – the International Union of Superiors General. The website, based on #wordpress, has been studied and designed in its usability and interface graphics to the smallest detail. The result is a minimal, ad hoc, intuitive and modern theme. Art Director: Simon Protasi”.

The site offers – in addition to the documents and the Union’s institutional information – a section called NEWS that will be updated weekly; an archive of all the UISG Bulletins; a page named “downloads” from which it is possible to download articles, brochures and reports. In the coming months a particular space will be devoted at the Jubilee of the UISG and at the UISG Plenary Assembly that will take place in May 2016. An area reserved for the Superiors General to access private documents and dedicated communications will also be set.

We hope that with your help our website will be the space for the fruitful encounter between Communication and Mercy as in the words of Pope Francis:  “The encounter between communication and mercy will be fruitful to the degree that it generates a closeness which cares, comforts, heals, accompanies and celebrates. In a broken, fragmented and polarized world, to communicate with mercy means to help create a healthy, free and fraternal closeness between the children of God and all our brothers and sisters in the one human family.” (Message for the World Communications Day 2016).

Patrizia Morgante – UISG Communication Office

Rome, 02/19/2016-CO1

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