UISGPlenary‬: a big family

UISGPlenary‬Sr. Carmen Sammut, UISG President, states: “It is every three years that we have the occasion to meet many of us, members of the UISG, together. Our theme is ‘Weaving global solidarity for life’. Our first aim is our getting to know each other, getting to know from the inside the contexts and situations we are living in all the corners of the world. That is why meeting each other is so important. That is why we have time to share in language groups. Our speakers will help us reflect on what we live and especially to see how together we can be more effective in our actions. We will reflect on what it means to be a religious living today, living and acting in the manner of Jesus.”

Women Religious is a meaningful presence globally: we represent the 80% of consecrated life…

“We have a great potential, because of our numbers and of our being immersed in all situations of our world today. We hope to be able to  recognize where the Holy Spirit is leading us and to decide on some orientations and actions to be taken TOGETHER in favor of the life of our planet, of the marginalized, of a more concerted and intercongregational commitment as religious. We will also celebrate the 50 years of life of the UISG and remember with gratitude all those who have brought it to its mature existence today.

We hope to come out of the assembly full of enthusiasm for our vocation, knowing that we are never alone for wherever we are we form part of one big family with the same objectives, that of weaving a better life for all. Indeed ‘that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ (John 10,10)”

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