Communicators for Women Religious

The Association Communicators for Women Religious visited Rome to foster collaboration with Communication bodies of the Church and with UISG.

Nicholas T. Schafer, Executive Director for the Communicators for Women Religious, an association of communication professionals dedicated to advancing the mission of Catholic Sisters around the world, met with Religious Women and Men in Rome from May 24 to 31.

See the photos of her visit

He also met the Communicators of the Congregations whose Generalate is in Rome: click here to listen his talk.

During the Course on Communicating the Mission he gave a short testimony on the Global Challenges of the Communication for Women Religious. Here below the video:

CWR aims to invite Communicators outside United States and Canada to become members. CWR is the unique Association of Communicators for Religious in the world. UISG is starting a good collaboration with them to run together some Formation workshops on Communication for Superiors General and Communicators of the Congregations who belong UISG.

Patrizia Morgante – UISG Communication Office

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  1.   Mim Magu says:

    What can u do to stop Francis from publishing an encyclical entitled “FRATERNITY”?
    This word (his favorite) leaves out half the world as well as half the church. When will he get it that language matters???

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