Communication and Pandemic: What we have learned?

Communication and Pandemic: what we have learned?

“We have experienced the essential need to live in this new time with its limitations and opportunities” Sr. Rosalba

The UISG Communication Office, in collaboration with other communicators of religious life, has taken up the request of several congregations to open a reflection on the effects that the pandemic has and is still causing, for better or for worse, to the mission of digital and social communication of religious life. The aim is to understand and live together a new sense of communication in this strange and extraordinary time that is the Pandemic. This text is intended only as a basis for the various Congregations to reflect on how not to waste this wisdom that we have accumulated this year and to invest in strengthening and, where possible, professionalising institutional digital communication.

To download the document in English click here.
Available also in Italian (click here), Spanish (here) and French (here).

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