#UISGPlenary: Weaving Global Solidarity for Life

#UISGPlenary Poster#UISGPlenary: Weaving Global Solidarity for Life

The XX Plenary Assembly of the International Union of Superiors General will be held in Rome May 9-13, 2016.  More than 900 women Religious, leaders of the same number of women’s Congregations of apostolic life, coming from all the continents, will be meeting around the theme “Weaving Global Solidarity for Life.” 

The challenges facing the participants revolve around some of the “signs of the times” like our Common Earth-Home, Existential and Social Peripheries (migrants, trafficking, and peace) and apostolic response as consecrated women. 

Helping us in our reflection will be Sisters Carmen Sammut (UISG President), Patricia Murray (UISG Executive Secretary), Carol Zinn , Mary Sujita , and Marian Ambrosio.

Sister Rosemarie Nassif of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation will also be a guest and will speak about how to “Support the emergence of a global sorority.”  The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is a family Foundation begun in 1944 by the man who started the Hilton Hotels, and economically supports non-profit realities working to improve the lives of vulnerable people in the world.

The Assembly will conclude with a Final Commitment Statement to concretely identify the environmental and social challenges of our time.  All the General Superiors will be called to respond to the question, “What does it mean for me to commit myself to global solidarity as a woman religious and as a leader of my congregation?

The Plenary Assembly is one of the most important moments for the UISG and its members.  Today, collaboration, co-responsibility and solidarity among women’s Congregations seems the most prophetic response to us to respond in a gospel way to these global challenges.

This 20th Assembly coincides with the closing of the UISG Jubilee – 1965-2015.  The Jubilee will be celebrated with the launching of the bookConsecrated Women in the Church and in the World,” which outlines the first 50 years of the history of our Union, by remembering the most significant events for Religious life for women from Vatican Council II to the present and some of the concrete faces of women religious who have indicated a prophetic and bold pathway.  It will conclude on May 13 with the closing Eucharistic celebration with Cardinal João Braz de Aviz,  Prefect of the Congregation for Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, presiding.

Other events are planned before and after the Plenary Assembly to make the most of the presence of the General Superiors in Rome:

  • Formation Seminar on Canon Law for General Superiors that will be held in Rome May 6-7, where topics such as reorganization of Congregations, stewardship of Funds, and relationships with the local Church will be treated;
  • Meeting of the 60 Delegates of the UISG to coordinate and strengthen the network of the 35 Constellations of the Union (grouped by members in geographic regions), that will be held May 16-17 in Rome.

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To request accreditation for the #UISGPlenary send an email to the UISG communications office with your: name, family name, letterhead, email address and telephone number, indicating the dates of your presence and interview requests.  Upon receipt of confirmation, the accreditation is valid.

To download the program go to:

Rome, April 8, 2016-CO2

Patrizia Morgante

UISG Communication Office

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